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Emergency Preparedness Consulting and Training

School safety and security are of utmost importance in today’s educational environment. With the increasing number of active shooter incidents in schools, educational institutions must have comprehensive plans in place to protect their staff and students. This is where CS Consulting can help. 

CS Consulting offers a unique and valuable service in school safety and security. What makes us different is our extensive experience of thirty-plus years working in K-12 education. This level of experience gives us a deep understanding of the complexities and challenges faced by educators and administrators in schools. Our team consists of individuals who have worked in classrooms, served as administrators, and have been resource officers. This diverse background allows us to approach school safety and security from multiple lenses. 

Active ShootingTraining

Mass shootings have unfortunately become all too common in our country. Especially considering the shootings in the Milwaukee and Middleton area, everyone must be prepared to take action that could save their life. 

It Can Happen To You

Threat Assessment

Develop a systematic approach to determining a threat

Helping Your Educators Teach the Options-Based Approach 

Develop a curriculum and well-designed lesson plans that make it easier for your teachers

One of the key offerings of CS Consulting is our curriculum, which focuses on an Options-Based approach to an Active Threat. This approach is designed to provide educators with practical strategies and techniques to respond effectively to an active shooter situation. What sets our curriculum apart is that it considers educators' specific needs and capabilities, ensuring that it is both practical and sustainable. 

CS Consulting understands that teaching about active shootings can be a sensitive subject, especially when it involves young students. That is why our curriculum is age-appropriate and scaffolded over an eighteen-month period. By introducing the concepts gradually, it became easier for students to understand and incorporate them into their muscle memory. This approach minimizes trauma for students while ensuring they are prepared to respond effectively in an emergency. 

Building Assessment

Ensuring your building enhances your safety and security

School Security & Campus Support 

The Benefits of School Security/Campus Support

School Policing

Consultation on school policing within k-12 institutions

There is no black-or-white answer on whether police should operate within your school district. Many factors will lead you in either direction on the topic. CS Consulting will help you reach the best conclusion for your students, staff, and community.