About Us

CS Consulting is current and former law enforcement, school safety professionals, and K-12 educators with over thirty years of experience working in education. CS Consulting has extensive training and experience in helping school districts and private organizations understand emergency preparedness on a large scale, particularly around active shootings. We have unique insight on how best to approach safety and security age-appropriately, including curriculum building and lesson planning that can benefit education and business settings. 

Our team understands and can help with building assessments and physical security in a way that fortifies your school or establishment. What sets us apart are the years spent working in both education and law enforcement. Contact CS Consulting Firm now for your one-hour free consultation.

Corey Saffold

Senior Consultant

Corey Saffold is the Director of Crisis Management/School Safety and Security for the Verona Area School District (VASD) in Verona, Wisconsin. From 2021 to 2023, Saffold sat on the Office of School Safety Advisory Committee at the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ). As part of this committee, Saffold was one of many who advised the Office of School Safety on best practices for Active Shootings and Emergency Preparedness for Wisconsin schools. Saffold created CS Consulting in 2018 after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Prior to his role with the VASD, Saffold served as a City of Madison Police Officer for a decade. During that time, he also served as a school resource officer, gaining most of his training and experience in emergency preparedness and active shootings. Saffold trained in Dallas, Texas, with the founder and creator of ALICE, and was one of the first police officers in Madison to introduce this concept to the Madison Metropolitan School District. Understanding disparities and the complex nature of K-12 education, Saffold also successfully created and implemented restorative programs that reduced citations, arrests, and overall police involvement within the school. Concurrently, Saffold served as an advisor for the Black Student Union, where he facilitated multiple initiatives that contributed to the successful matriculation of diverse students through high school and on to higher education.

In 2020-22, Governor Evers appointed Saffold to the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents, where he was an active member advocating for access to education. During his term, Saffold chaired the Student Disciplinary and Appeals Committee and served on the Capital Planning and Budget Committee and the Business Finance Committee.

In 2016, Saffold became a Wisconsin Humanities Council Speakers Bureau member. There, he utilized his professional expertise to advise a diverse range of constituents throughout the state of Wisconsin on the challenges and opportunities of policing in today’s society. 

Throughout Saffold’s professional career, he has continued to be a thought leader in designing, facilitating, and implementing innovative policies and strategies to keep schools, businesses, and places of faith safe.

Pamela Kay Hammen

Senior Consultant

Ms. Hammen is a veteran educator with 30 years experience. She earned her Bachelor's Degree from UW Madison and holds certifications in Broadfield Social Studies, Sociology, and Psychology. She has taught both regular and marginalized students for the first 10 years of her teaching career. In 2002, Ms. Hammen earned her Masters Degree and certifications in both Principal and Director of Curriculum and Instruction. She has served as an Associate Principal for six years and then as the Principal for the last 15 years at Verona Area High School (VAHS) in Verona, WI. VAHS is a large high school with nearly 1,800 students with a diverse student population from the Verona, Fitchburg and Madison communities, a staff of about 200,  and is located approximately 10 minutes from Madison, WI. 

As a head Principal, Ms. Hammen has been responsible for the safety and security of the VAHS school community. She has been trained in ALICE safety protocols and has developed and implemented safety protocols and procedures in collaboration with the Director of School Safety and Security, Mr. Corey Saffold. What all educators know is that having these policies in place is the necessary first step to having a safe school, but that we must develop the mindset and understanding of why school safety is so important and for the school community to value educating and empowering both staff and students to respond in a critical incident for these policies to become practice. Principal Hammen has this experience. She has implemented professional development for staff and community members and carefully scaffolded lesson plans for students so that they not only understand but have the opportunity to practice safety preparedness. 

Additionally, Principal Hammen had the privilege to help design one of the largest high schools in WI with careful attention to safety features and protocols. Principal Hammen is excited to share this knowledge and experience with other school districts as she knows firsthand that students must feel safe in order to learn and for teachers to make the magic happen in the classroom.